Hello dear members

Our community is growing more and more and because of this we decided to give free Silver membership for one month to everyone who brings in more than 250 referrals for that month (December).

The conditions are simple, they are the same as the conditions for the referral contest.

Silver membership benefits You can find it on the page membership

Terms of the competition for those who did not read it :

Invite your friends using your affiliate URL and join our Monthly Referrals Contest. Every month there is a new referral contest, during the month you can invite new members to join this website and those new referrals will be counted in the contest when they have at least 3 faucet claims. Also, to qualify into the contest, you must have at least 35 active referrals, otherwise you won't be rewarded even if you're in top 3. Contest ends every 1st day of the month, at 00:00 and prizes are sent automatically.We do not accept anonymous referrals or referrals that come in exchange for an incentive. If you violate these conditions, you will not get your prize.

Membership will be added to the winning member upon achieving the required number .. More than one member can win with this membership.

Good luck .

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